Shocker: DeSantis’ Election Crime Unit Makes Another Major Arrest

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As you know, election crimes such as fraud have been a major talking point during the last couple of years, especially after the 2020 presidential election, during which many voter fraud cases have been alleged.

But according to most of the political left, 2020 was the ‘safest and most secure’ election our nation has ever seen. Apparently, sending ballots all over the country by mail with little to way to verify identity or collecting them en masse by partisan individuals creates more security. I am not so sure.

And neither were a good many other individuals following November 2020. It’s why a number of states, including Georgia and Florida, have since changed a few of their election laws.

It’s also why Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis created a separate police unit to focus on elections and possibly related fraud cases alone.

Of course, the Dems told us we wouldn’t find anything. Remember, 2020, and the widespread use of mail-in ballots was safe. But low and behold, guess what was found… yep, you guessed it: voter fraud.

For instance, DeSantis’ election crime unit just found and charged a woman for committing voter fraud by casting multiple ballots in different counties and states.

Cheryl Ann Leslie, a Democrat, was recently arrested and subsequently charged with two counts of third-degree felony for casting ballots in Florida, her state of residence, and Alaska.

Apparently, the 55-year-old woman decided that going to polls in Loxahatchee, Florida, in Palm Beach County during the state’s early voting time wasn’t enough. So she also sent in an absentee ballot to Alaska.

Now, as you know, Leslie’s crime isn’t nearly enough to affect the results of the 2020 election. Trump supposedly lost by a lot more than just one vote. However, it proves that fraud was and is most definitely still an issue of concern. And one that needs to be addressed in every state.

Like many of us, DeSantis knew this to be an important topic in 2020 when the election results were announced. Then in early 2021, after the suspicious Senate run-off election in Georgia, it became even more of an issue.

And so those like DeSantis became focused on ensuring that the 2020 election and our future elections would be held accountable. Enter Florida’s Office of Election Crimes and Security police unit.

Thanks to its creation in 2021 and Florida Senate Bill 524, the Sunshine State can investigate and enforce election laws, holding all voters accountable.

And Leslie is not the only faulty or fraudulent voter found due to the unit’s efforts. Voter fraud charges have been filed for more than a few across the state, including 20 convicted criminals who voted in 2020 despite not having the right to do so.

You likely know that as a result of committing a crime that is convicted, American citizens forfeit the right to vote in either state or national-level elections.

However, in Florida, as in several other states, laws have recently been changed to make lighter convictions such as theft or fraud not subject to the same lack of voting rights. In 2018, Florida officially made it possible for all convicted felons, minus those who have committed murder or sexual crimes, to be able to vote once again.

But some murderers and sex offenders apparently voted in 2020 anyway, a crime punishable by up to five years in prison. Luckily, DeSantis’ election crimes unit found and prosecuted all 20.

As DeSantis said when he first put the specialty unit in place, it is a “clear signal” to any looking to cheat our electoral process that fraudulent voting will not be tolerated in the state. And any who are caught will be “prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

Although DeSantis is not the only one making similar changes or arrests.

The Milwaukee Election commission just fired their commissioner for illegally possessing mail-in ballots from the military. In Michigan, an election worker has just been taken into custody and charged with tampering with voting equipment. And in Los Angeles, an election software company CEO was arrested for possibly stealing voter information and suspicious ties to China.

Hopefully, with the help of those like DeSantis’ police unit, we can eradicate voter fraud from our electoral process, at least for the most part.

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