Istanbul Bombed by Terrorist, With Biden in Charge Are We Next?


November 13th saw the return of terrorism to the forefront of the public view in Istanbul, Turkey, as a bomb ripped through Istiklal Avenue. With six people dead and dozens injured, people were fleeing the area as fast as they could.

Many were fearing that nearby Taksim Square could be next as it is just down the road. Istanbul Gov. Ali Yerlikaya later clarified via Twitter that the total injured was 53, and he confirmed the six dead.

Erdogan has yet to say who’s responsible but claimed it had the “smell of terror” and clarified that they were not absolutely certain it was a terror attack. Given the 500 people dead because of terror bombings between 2015 and 2017 from various terror groups, it’s a logical conclusion to come to given the situation.

Here in the US, President Biden leaves a lot to be desired in terms of his foreign policy and security. From ending the “Remain in Mexico” policy and his attempts and cutting Title 42, he has shown that he could care less about the security of our border or the American people. He has effectively left us more open to terror attacks than at any time since 9/11.

The American people have grown more concerned with the rising risk of an attack and given the open border, and the number of terrorists or suspected terrorists the US Border Patrol has detained, it’s a very warranted concern.

The debacle in pulling out of Afghanistan brought hundreds of unvetted Afghans to bases in Qatar and other countries before arriving in the US. Once here, we learned that many were terrorists or had strong links to terrorism.

Putting that many people here in the US that cannot stand the liberty and freedom that this great nation stands for is a recipe for disaster.

If they can manufacture bombs and other things in horribly poor cities like Baghdad or from the mountains of Afghanistan, there isn’t much to stop them from conducting more attacks here in the US. Especially with a failed border and nobody actively working to prevent attacks.

For what it’s worth, the US military has an outstanding intelligence division. The alphabet boys in the CIA, and FBI, have been working expeditiously with the military to prevent another attack, but as we all know, nothing is certain. They saw the signs for 9/11 and ignored them, so who knows what they could be missing now since Biden has crippled a lot of their tried-and-true methods.

As things sit now in 2022, the American people are largely unworried. They go about their day-to-day operations as if nothing is wrong. Those who do see the danger for what it is, are considered to be American extremists for stockpiling weapons and food, as well as building bug-out bunkers.

These patriots are the smartest people when it comes to this situation, and they are planning for the eventual failure of the country thanks to Biden’s inept attitude and trampling on the Constitution.

With terrorism making strides every day to return to our front door, we as a nation need to be prepared. From the highest level of government to the Town Supervisor who runs a small village with less than 2,000 residents, this is a threat that no one is immune from.

With the bowl of lukewarm tapioca running the country, we have a lot to lose if things aren’t improved and the border sealed up. Go learn from that prepper.

Find out what you like to shoot, how to set your sights, and take the proper shot. Find out how to harvest your food and how to get it ready to eat. Get educated about canning that harvested food for long-term storage.

These are skills many have forgotten, and with Biden at the helm, we very well may need them sooner rather than later

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